Browser Extensions

To take advantage of GuardedID's CryptoColor and Anti-Clickjacking features in your internet browsers, you must add/enable GuardedID's browser extension/toolbar for each internet browser by following the instructions below.

For Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge:

Right-click the GuardedID taskbar icon , then select Check for Updates. If GuardedID detects an internet browser which does not yet have the "NoClickjack" extension installed, it will display a clickable Windows notification similar to the one seen below:

Please click each of these notifications to automatically launch the appropriate "NoClickjack" extension installation page for the listed internet browser.

Note: You can also install the "NoClickjack" extension by opening the following links in their respective internet browser:

For Internet Explorer:

Launch Internet Explorer, then click the Tools icon in the upper-right corner, then select Manage add-ons to open the Manage Add-ons window as seen below:

Select the "GuardedID" add-on from the list of all add-ons, then click the Enable button to display the GuardedID toolbar under Internet Explorer's address/URL bar as seen below:

The colors of the GuardedID toolbar status dot correspond to the following descriptions:

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